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The driving force behind the brand

LlêN: About


literature, folklore, myths, stories, tradition, culture, beliefs.

Lenn Hembrow is the design engineer behind LLêN studio. The brand takes influences from Llên's family heritage of Welsh and Danish, through the eyes of bespoke tailoring.   Using the welsh influence, Lenn created the brand LLêN. 

Lenn originally started her career in Engineering, before heading into the world of fashion. Degrees in both, and her training as a tailor has a huge influence on the brands designs. Attention to detail, carefully engineered construction using minimal pattern pieces create beautifully tailored garments, which are designed for all to wear, regardless of gender, race, age, ethnicity or religion. 

Lenn strives to produce clothes, which are designed to last. Her strong passion is to help slow fashion down, using select fabrics to illustrate the bridging of the gap between traditional tailoring, the contemporary society at present and the future of the world we live in. Sustainability, is at the heart of the brand. With not only the garments produced from a carefully consciously considered design, the studio itself runs as economically and environmentally as currently possible. Ever trying to lower the carbon footprint and impact on the world.

LlêN: About
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