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Made in Wales


New Collection

The new collection is called Selv, which is Danish for Self. 

This is a follow on from the previous collections, in particular, my very first which was called ‘Self’

My brand values and concept has never changed. Forever pushing the narrative to be accepted whatever, whoever, wherever and whenever you are - your choice. My clothes are for everyone, who ever you are. Be yourSELF.

Using my Danish ancestry, researching the Vikings and the Nordic alphabet, I found in particular Elder Futhark, one of the oldest know runes alphabet.

One of the runes is called the ‘Mannaz’ rune. Mannaz is considered to represent the Self. 

The meaning behind this rune is it enables you to be aware of the hallowed inheritance you share with the rest of the human race & brings you into relationships with other like minds. Mannaz represents the perfect human being balanced and self-guided with full knowledge of the workings of their mind.


Available at Cardiff MADE 

: Danish for Unite

Forene is a follow on limited edition collection available at Cardiff MADE pop up shop, from 16th July to 18th August.

Jackets and bags are made from 100% recycled denim, sweatshirts form 100% recycled cotton jersey.

Design of each item has been designed, with attention to slowing the fashion industry down. Sustainable and ethical fabrics are used, with as limited waste as possible. The bags are a zero waste pattern.

All garments and illustrations are designed and engineered in Wales.

Make it Welsh!

Cardiff MADE, Lochaber St, Cardiff, CF24 3LS



: Danish for Wolfpack

Ulveflok is a limited edition collection of jackets. Following on from past collections, embracing the welsh myths of Wales with a nod to Danish heritage.

Jackets are made from 100% recycled denim and 100% organic cotton. Reversible, to suit many an outfit and extend the length of use.

Design of each jacket was extensively considered with attention to detail for self identity, regardless of age, race, gender, ethnicity or size. It is for the wearer to create their own narrative with the jacket, to fall in love with it, wear it forever, then pass it on for its story to continue. 

All garments and illustrations are designed and engineered in Wales.

Make it Welsh!

LLêN x Creatives Militia​


A limited edition collaboration with fellow Welsh designer Creatives Militia. Designs are influenced by welsh myths and legends. The hand screened images and prints are based on the myth of Bedd Gelert and the darker side of the impact of the Wolf. Are you a Lone wolf or do you prefer to be part of the Wolfpack? 
Shirts are made from 100% organic cotton, and recycled denim.
All garments and illustrations are designed and engineered in Wales.
Make it Welsh!



Gender is not biologically intrinsic, but socially taught. 

Let’s highlight the conversation of gender identity becoming blurred and push the boundaries to be accepted whatever, whoever, wherever and whenever you are. Just be your SELF.

Gender neutral : common to both male and female genders. Denoting a word or expression that cannot be taken to refer to one gender only. It can be seen either as a non-binary gender identity or as a statement of not having a gender identity.

So using this concept and customer profile, Llên Studio is about putting yourself wherever you feel comfortable within the binary of male and female. Or even outside of that binary.


Please contact Llên Studio for information on bespoke designs.

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