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Meet the Team

Jeaneeika Pingue

Welcome to Llên's Website, my name is Jeaneeika Pingue and I am a Design Engineer Intern for Llên Studio. I've worked for Llên for a few months preforming multiple tasks from helping with the branding package to creating garments. I'm currently a student at University of South Wales completing my placement hours for my Employment Diploma to work towards BA(Hons) in Fashion Design. Working at Llên, has been a really fun way to complete my hours because I've watched and helped a start-up grow. This placement so far has taught me how to be more business minded, how to express myself better as a creative and has given me the foundation to grow and understand things better. I have been given my own project with a local artist to manage allowing me to converse with another creative and network. I have also assisted in the creation of Llên’s upcoming collection and with smaller tasks. 

Llên has helped me to envision the future, fine tuning what I want to do and be as a designer.  She has given me a first-hand insight into the making of a brand and the growth. All of this has given me even more aspiration to start my own business after I graduate. I would love to create an eco-conscious clothing brand based on educating and empowering the black communities. 

Meet the Team

Beth Jones

Hey! My name is Beth, I am a Fashion Design Student at the University of South Wales in Cardiff, currently pursuing a placement year as part of my degree to gain valuable experience working in the Fashion Industry.  I began working with Llên Studio in November 2020 as a Design Engineer Intern and have been here for a few months now. Valuable experience like this has helped me massively improve my skills both as a designer. Llên’s background in engineering has provided a completely different outlook on design and construction, ensuring every garment is creatively considered. I have assisted on projects such the Llên Studio and Creatives Militia collaboration, from construction of garments to branding and promotion tasks.  Working with Llên has allowed me to understand what it takes to start a business, giving me an excellent insight to what it takes to run your own business and work in today’s Fashion industry. At Llen Studio we are always encouraged to voice our opinions and embrace our creativity. Working closely as a team has allowed us to put all of our skills together and create something great whilst always aiming to be as sustainable and ethically conscious as possible. 
Llên Studio is a sustainable and ethical brand based on Welsh and Danish heritage. Being Welsh myself I have embraced the opportunity to work with a Cardiff based brand, which shares the same values as I do. It is important to me as an upcoming designer in today’s industry to work as sustainably and ethically as possible, Llen Studio has allowed me to do this and really understand the importance of how any step no matter how small, is important to making a difference and a change. This is something we are passionate about at Llên, determined to better ourselves as individuals and as a company. 
Beth X

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Meet the Team

Sherrie Maskell

My name is Sherrie. I am a 25 year old woman living in Barry. I have recently graduated from USW after studying BA Hons Fashion Design. I have loved fashion from a young age, after spending days shopping with my mum and nanna. Both being plus size women, I watched their struggles of feeling comfortable. This started my interest on wanting to change the clothing industry. In the future I aspire to have my own business focusing on womenswear and inclusive sizing.

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