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Into the light

As part of The Sustainable studio Into the light exhibition in July, Llên studio produced two

garments to be exhibited. The meaning behind the mini collection, is transformative powers. Not afraid to be in the shadows, to go into the dark without any fear - knowing you have the strength to turn it ‘Into the light.’

Tailored denim coat, made from recycled denim fibres woven back into fabric. Reflective thread stitching, inspired from danish geometric design. The remaining fabric from pattern cutting has been shredded and used in the making of the shoulder pads. Buttons, from the waste metal of electrical back boxes.

Zero waste bomber jacket, made from organic muslin. To give a transparency in contrast to the tailored denim coat. Remaking fabric from pattern cutting has been shredded to be used in the padding. No fabric was wasted.

Models : Jeaneeika Pingue, Oliver Howard.

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