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Part of the this behind the Llên studio brand, is to be authentic. For the photo shoot of the ULVEFLOK limited edition collection, I reached out and asked real people to model for me. The collection, and brand, is about being yourself, who ever you choose or want to be. Any one can wear my garments, there are no restrictions or recommendations. Who ever you are, feel free to rock one of the Llên studio garments.

Here is an introduction to each of my models.


Bruce is a high school student, with a passion for origami and music. Only talks in memes and enjoys the odd maths equation. Bruce is at his happiest when he is eating chicken nuggets, with lashings of ketchup. He also thinks his mum is an amazing designer.


Hey everyone, my name is Tayo and I'm an engineer based in Cardiff. Along with having a scientific brain, I have a creative flair through dancing to different beats, painting/drawing pictures and cooking various foods.


Who am I,

After 70 plus years you'd think I should know.

Retirement, fills your mind full of plans Holdays, DIY, Keeping fit, but as always all these plans begin to falter. So Two years ago i had a rethink, changed my aims, always thought I could write a book, done it. Awaiting some a friendly publisher to agree to publish it. Switch from strenuous exercise to plain walking. And now plans afoot to become an elderly male model. All in the great plan not to become a cabbage.


Hi!! my name is kyira nick name is Kiki. I’m a dancer and artists. I Love a good movie, Tv series and enjoy listening and dancing to all types of music. I work in lush cosmetics as sales assistant enjoy what I do and have passion for skincare products and makeup. When comes to my style of fashion I would say is unique I dress for myself and to make a statement. My IG main @francis_ki_ki art page @ky_ky_24


Hey Guys, I’m Muz😎. From a Admin background for the day to day, but with a growing creative side🔥 I have an interest in photography, I love cooking with fusing different cuisines together for that spiceee🌶. I have this drive which has been ignited through dance especially Ballroom allowing me to be My Truth Self! You Live, Learn & Grow😜.


Elena Peshkova is a Doctoral Researcher at Cardiff School of Management, Cardiff Metropolitan University. She has interdisciplinary research interests in Economics, Technology, and Human Resources.

Her current research focuses primarily on the economy which relies on freelance, casual, self-employed and contractual workers.

Elena grew up and received her first degree in Moscow, Russia, prior to moving to Cardiff in 2016, where she has been awarded an MSc in International Business and Management.

Her previous professional experiences have been in Moscow, most recently at the Crown Worldwide Group, a provider of global mobility services. As a Mobility Consultant Elena managed both domestic and international relocations for Crown’s multi-national clients. She was rewarded several times for her consistent drive for excellence.

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